In a world of social media such as Instagram, we try to impress with our staged photographs. Honestly, it’s hard to keep it real.

I like my pictures to have life in them, to tell a story, or maybe just a moment of a feeling.

I want them to be genuine.

I was born in Hungary but grew up in Canada and Germany. In 2005 I met my soulmate in Frankfurt, Germany, and today we have two beautiful daughters together. After living in London for 7 years, we are enjoying our life in Brooklyn, New York since. Having moved over to the US in October 2016 we not only left friends and our previous life behind but started getting inspired by the various facades New York had to offer. Even though my background is in Fashion I started taking more and more pictures of the city and its people. I started seeing photography more as my desired profession than a pastime and decided to leave the fashion world behind, as a profession at least. I took courses at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan to built my skillset and got a great camera to help me make my dreams come true.

If you want me to be part of your journey, get in touch, and let us capture your special moments together!